Your ego could be described briefly as your lower self. It is the part of you that is not truly who you are. Yet for people that let there ego control them, there life is lived thinking it really is there true self. It makes them perceive the world from the conditions of the environment they are raised in. Which in turn causes them to see everything from only the ego. I need to look this way to be happy, obtain this car, have this relationship, get this job, etc… They live life chasing happiness from this perception built by there environment. Making every move with a sort of ego glasses worn blocking the image of the higher self. This causes a never ending cycle in which we seek happiness in obtaining things. Once we accomplish getting one thing, then its on to the next. Then we obtain the next thing, then start focusing on the other, then another, and another… You sincerely think you will obtain bliss once you accomplish your next task but when living in the ego it truly never ends.


We must conquer the ego by understanding the key to happiness and our purpose here on this earth. True happiness in my eyes  comes from honest sincere relationships, love, and living in this very moment right now. Not love with another individual as most perceive it… That to me is considered lust. But love of ones self, and all creation in the world. Finding love everywhere in everything. Looking at every moment with appreciation, from the bright blue sky to the roof over your head. Living life day by day, in the now, with appreciation and love of everything in the world will give you true bliss. Always being grateful for the life you get to live, and how blessed you are to just be you.


That being said where is your perception? Are you living a life fogged with the glasses of an ego?




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