Tarot Tuesday 





Tarot Tuesday is going to be a series of videos were producing focusing on the Tarot. This first one Sam, Keeghan , KK and I went to Mt Trashmore and had the time of our lives filming this. More importantly we feel as if this video gets a good message across while showing the tarot cards in a positive way. We chose to start of with 3 The Empress.

They say that if you are bored you are asleep, and that in every moment there is something to be enjoyed if you can change your perspective. The Empress is a good card to help with that because it represents the Imagination, creativity and living in the flow of the ever changing now. You are creating your life through the field of your imagination, manifesting the seeds that you have planted into this field with your conscious mind. Meditate while holding this card to get more in touch with your imagination, and Mother Nature, the imagination of God.

tarot tuesday

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