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As both an apology for my absence and a welcome back gift, I’d like to present to our readers knowledge which has helped me to transform my life. I suppose I was waiting until I felt confident and comfortable enough to share the things that I’ve learned. I also needed to see enough examples of this knowledge in action manifest in my life to know for sure without a shadow of a doubt that these things are true, and I’m proud to say that time is now. Those who know me personally and have seen the way in which I accomplish whatever I set out to do will need no explanation as far as credentials are concerned and I’m sorry to those who haven’t seen the proof for themselves because your going to have to take my word for it. I could state the countless hours spent in esoteric libraries or speak upon the things I’ve both seen and been through in this world or the dream world but that is not the purpose of this article. I am sure that by me taking the action of putting this out in the world those who are meant to receive this will, it’s just the way things work.

These articles on the tarot have been requested of me by personal close friends for quiet some time now but sometimes life has a different plan than our personal intentions. Anyway since I consider myself to be among one of those that know one of my duties is to pass the torch. As they say we must not let the flame die out and I am honored to understand enough to write on what I consider to be the most important topic in our universe, the law. No, not man made law the tarot deals with laws similar to gravity. For easy access to all the articles I’m going to categorize and tag them all simply under the tarot. Skeptics beware I’m going to talk about these things as if I know them to be absolute truth without a shadow of a doubt because honestly…I do.


This first article is going to be more of an introduction than anything, preparing you to look towards the tarot with new eyes and debunking some of the misinformation. Speaking of misinformation first all I’d like to say that the meaning of tarot is NOT fortune telling! Yes it is a possibility, one of the many possible uses of the tarot but it was primarily designed and intended to unfold the ancient wisdom that lies within you. To expand your conscious by speaking to your subconscious it’s own language…symbols. If someone wants to give you a fortune reading with the tarot you should first ask them how long have they studied their cards and who did they study under. Those who are familiar with the tarot will quickly be able to tell which school I come from. When I am asked to give readings for people I usually do but I also teach them how to look at the cards for themselves because it is far better to help someone develop their own set of eyes than to use yours to do it for them.

Before we proceed I’d recommend either looking up or purchasing at your local bookstore a Raider Waite tarot deck. That is widely considered to be the set closest to the original printing of the pictures and for that reason is usually everyones starter deck. That way you can follow along and examine with me the cards while I discuss them and how they relate to your world from both the perspectives of the macrocosm and microcosm.

But before we get into that I should probably give a quick history on the tarot. Legend has it that during the ancient times when the powers that be were attempting to remove knowledge from the population they were destroying books. The soldiers followed the orders of the king, these soldiers usually couldn’t read themselves and of course they took the kings advice to be heaven sent. During these times the illiterate population were told by their leaders that any esoteric or occult topics were straight from the devil himself and it’s funny because I see a similarity in our times now. Anyway, they set out to conquer as much land as they could while getting rid of anyone with knowledge of the universal laws.

In the name of what they considered to be God they burned down libraries and hunted those that knew any sort of knowledge of the unseen world and how to apply this knowledge to their current reality. This meant terrifying witch hunts and going after anyone who was caught doing pagan rituals or any type of belief system other than the typical everything is as you see it modern day Christian view. So those who knew the hidden truths of reality also knew that they needed to preserve and transfer their sacred knowledge of the universe in order to preserve it from being lost forever. So they came up with a way to save the knowledge from being destroyed during these dark ages and this is the real reason that the tarot cards were created. Out of necessity because as they say pictures are worth a thousand words, so just by having a deck of cards you technically can have an entire library of information in your pocket if you know how to look at them. So basically no knowledge has been lost, there is nothing that can’t be realized through proper study of the tarot the entire library of Alexandria is there if you know how to read the symbology. If you know how to look there is nothing that can not be explained throughout the tarot. Also since everyone experiences this reality through different eyes and understanding the tarot is always evolving and there will never be anyone who can say that they have finished their tarot studies. No one will ever know all that there is to know. That is literally impossible, there will always be new discoveries and different ways to consider the symbology. That’s part of what makes it so awesome. Once I help you to understand how to view the tarot you will naturally come to a very personal and different understanding than I have but regardless it will transform how you view reality and definitely the role that you play in it.

With that being said I have to share with you the Pattern on the Trestlebord. Also known as the Truth of the SELf. These eleven statements correspond to the tarot cards which we will discuss in later lessons. These eleven statements are highly respected in the occult/escoteric community and should be recited upon waking up as well as before you go to sleep. In order to shift your awareness towards the right direction, reprogramming your mind to see things for how they really are and to assist in the unfolding of your understanding to how things really are.


In the next article I will discuss these eleven statements further breaking down each one of them and giving practical examples of how you can see this truth manifest in your life. As well as introduce numerology and talk about how that corresponds with the tarot as well. The purpose of these preliminary topics are to prepare your mind to study and develop a true understanding of the tarot. Which will help light your path to understanding everything else. As I said before each card itself can be discussed forever but I will attempt to give you a clear and to the point explanation for you expand upon yourself in your own free time. The fun of it all is digging up what they have tried to hide from us.

I’d also like you to listen to my podcast with another member of knowledge over everything Nitti. We went over the first 7 cards and it would be a great preparation for the coming articles. I’ll also link a short video of Alejandro Jodorowsky explaining what the tarot means to him. He’s one of my favorite directors and Kanye West hit him up for a tarot reading!


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