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The Tarot

The very word Tarot seems to strike a lot of mystery in the minds of many and questions spark immediately. Are they used to divine the future? What is there history? What is the meaning behind the symbols on these cards? Most people in modern society today carry a miss conception about the tarot as well as the esoteric wisdom. They don’t truly understand the knowledge that is hidden within the keys and principals behind each card.

In this weeks mind shattering episode Lionel and Nitti discuss the Ageless Wisdom of the Raider Waite Deck. They explore from the lessons associated with the Fool to the Chariot (0-7). Lionel has studied Paul Foster Case‘s system of the tarot for quite some time now. As he shares his discoveries in this podcast you will learn many valuable utensils to help your conscious and sub conscious mind work for you. Discover the symbology behind each card, the different sections of the deck, and much more. It is very rare to find this much knowledge on such ancient wisdom condensed and simplified in a hour long podcast.

Unfortunately the average person under estimates the power of these cards and where they originate from. They hold incredibly valuable lessons for us all. Occult knowledge that has been hidden from the population and misused by the elite for generations. We at KNOE are now attempting to release this information to the population for free. They are call the tarot keys because they literally are keys that will unlock you from the perception of being locked in a prison. Or not in control of your reality.

So before watching make sure to grab a Raider-Waite tarot deck (if you don’t already have one) from your nearest conscious market or simply look up a picture above . If you give this podcast a good attentive listen, then you’re understanding of the tarot will expand. Then hopefully motivate you to carry on further research on your own.

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