KNOE Radio EP 5 (3rd EYE OPENER)

In this Episode our guest Kai (3rdEyeOpener) treats us to a very interesting conversation about the current state of the planet. He is very honest and upfront about the problems the world is currently dealing with. We speak briefly on how what most people consider conspiracy theories, are actually truth. Also what it will take to turn things around before it’s too late. 3rd eye opener and KNOE are both starting movements to expand conciouness as well as help increase awareness of all the problems that people seem to want to ignore and avoid.


“Awakening is possible only for those who seek it, for those who want it immeasurably. For the process of awakening is a process of utter destruction. Destruction of negative beliefs, destruction of material wants and needs and the ultimate destruction of the illusion of the Self. We must fearlessly break down the barriers we have built up during the period of our life in which we sought guidance from the misguided. Seeking not only to be Divine in our actions, but to be divine within our thoughts and hearts. So, for those of you who are ready to struggle with yourselves and work on yourselves for a very long time, against all odds, persistently and passionately I say this… You are loved, you are divine, and I am here to walk with you on the long road home. You aren’t alone, humanity has reached a critical point in its history, a time where we have evolved as far as we can physically.”


You can check out Kai and his movement as well as purchase his book at the links below.

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