This week Lionel and Jason talk about Mystic Christianity; the true roots of Judeo/Christianity’s intent and theological construction, along with many other interesting topics surrounding relative spiritual laws of universal divine order. The discussion begins with identifying what the Nazarene man, who had come to be known as Jesus Christ, really went through as a person being taught by both the Spirit of God and fellow human teachers. Guided by his teacher Judy throughout his young adulthood, he had left his family in Israel to pursue his esoteric training in different civilizations, where he then acquired his ability to become wholly one with the Creator Source. This would not have been possible without the spiritual traditions of many philosophies and religions that came before him and the developments of Judaism.

Secondly, the conversation goes into questions such as what are the difference between objective, universal truths opposed to subjective, personal truths – how to guide ourselves as individuals and also how to align ourselves with the natural laws of Spirit, intrinsic to all.

Jason Lawhun is a minister of christian mysticism and an astrologer. Led by his calling through the bible, various mystic texts, and the modern channeled readings, dreams and live experiences of Edgar Cayce, Jason has now been studying the laws of oneness for an experience of ten years. He can be contacted at:

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