Barrie Rose


This week we interview a very interesting artist, Barrie Rose. Our conversation starts off with a question about what to do when negative habits that you are trying to overcome resurface. Then we go on to talk about Barrie’s creative process, and how she tries to incorporate light and love into her music. Knowledge over everything has a similar goal in that we are trying to incorporate light love and raising consciousness into everything that we do. And it is our hope that we are attracting like minded individuals interested in doing the same.

There was a time when knowledge was the trend, it wasn’t really talked about because it didn’t need to be. It just didn’t make sense to be a fool back then. Now we’ve unfortunately gotten to the point where being as intelligent as you possibly can isn’t the normal thing to do. It is our mission reverse this and restart the better trend of spreading knowledge. Putting knowledge over everything is the trend of the future. It is a clear characteristic of an evolved society, we are trying to help speed up the progression of us all as one human family.

If you are interested in progression when it comes to health, wealth, mentally and physically. Then you’ve come to the right place. KNOE is 100% non profit, we are doing this for you.

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